How I make money blogging – Top 4 Ways I Make Money

Now that I’m making $1,000+ a month from blogging, I feel like I can start making some recommendations for anyone who wants to make money blogging. By the way, if you want to hear from someone who makes over $800,000+/year with a recipe blog, check out my interview with Amy from House of Nash Eats.

make money blogging - best blogging resources

My most popular blog posts so far:

  1. Virtual Group Games
  2. DIY Fabric Headboard
  3. Diastasis Recti Surgery
  4. DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations on a Budget
  5. Tall Women’s Clothing on Amazon
  6. Thank you Delivery Drivers Printable

How I Learned How to Make Money Blogging

No one is born knowing how to blog. I took a blogging course to learn everything from how to build my website to social media and actually making money.

Blog course

Top 5 Way to Make Money Blogging

1. Ads

Some blogs make $100,000+ on ads alone (like this recipe blogger I interviewed).

2. Sponsored Posts

I don’t use sponsored posts on, but I make ~$1,000/month on sponsored posts on an old blog that I no longer actively write for or promote. The blog posts are written for me, but I can always re-write or refuse any suggested article I’m not happy with.

3. Affiliates

I only recommend products that are tried-and-true favorite recommendations. I’ve been recommending most of these products since before I had an affiliate. That being said, officially signing up as an affiliate helps my blog grow and reach more people.

My favorite affiliates / networks

  • Rakuten (FREE + $20 Sign-up bonusCash-Back app – add a browser extension to get automatic reminders when you’re on cash-back eligible sites).
  • Empower
    • Used to track Net Worth for free
    • The BEST Retirement Planner
    • Note: I don’t recommend Empower because they have an affiliate. I recommend it because I’ve been using and loving it since 2014. It is life-changing when you start tracking your net worth and investments.
  • Credit Karma (Free credit score and monitoring)
  • FlexOffers (hosts a number of smaller affiliates)
  • Amazon Associates

4. Your own products and services

I’m slowly moving away from selling my time, but I do still offer financial coaching. The way I primarily promote my services is through my email list. My email list grew a lot when I created the Money Fit Challenge. I manage this ever-growing funnel with what is possibly the best email management service for bloggers: ConvertKit

Email List Manager

Make Money Blogging: Other Favorite Resources

Here are my other favorite blogging resources:

Article / Pinterest Help

  • PicMonkey (stock images for blog posts / Pinterest Pins)

Contractors — When you want to outsource

link building

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