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Carly C. “Really makes finances understandable and doable.”

Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms -4

Money Fit Moms is an AMAZING group! I have slowly been working on each challenge and I have learned so much! Lisa is a motivating teacher and really makes finances understandable and doable. Looking forward to more content!

Martha C. “Digestible steps to help me feel in control”

Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms -6

The Money Fit Moms Challenge was just what I needed.

We recently bought our first house, and I was feeling overwhelmed with all the adulting. The challenge was digestible steps to help me feel in control of pretty much every aspect of my finances. Plus it was FREE!

Jessica H. “Progress to financial freedom.”

I love following Money Fit Moms. Lisa is super informative and always has great advice. I love learning about finances and this has been a great resource to continue to make improvements. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of more challenges in the new year to progress to financial freedom.

Valorie D. “Helps me set and reach my financial goals!”

Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms

I love the practical and actionable advice from Money Fit Moms! Love the monthly newsletter that reminds me to review my finances and helps me set and reach my financial goals!

Sarah S. “Such great energy”

Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms -5

Such great energy helping to learn more about financial planning! Really appreciated the newsletter and monthly tips.

Beverly L. “Walks you through the basics and the more complex”

Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms
Lisa has the right advice for keeping you on track with finances and investing. She walks you through the basics and the more complex – like figuring out retirement savings.
I signed up for the Money Fit Challenge this year and learned a lot!
Unlike other financial and investing things I’ve signed up for, Money Fit Moms is really about helping you save your money – not spend more!
Try it out.
You’ll love being fit with your finances.

Heidi Davison “Super insightful and relatable!”

Join/follow this lady!! Lisa is super insightful and relatable! She gives us realistic goals to reach with our money goals!!! I’m so lucky to have found her.

Amber V. “There is always something new to learn here”

No matter what your level of financial knowledge, there is always something new to learn here at Money Fit Moms.

The monthly challenges have been great to work through as a non-threatening or non-confrontational way to discuss finances, which can be a touchy subject. I enjoy this group very much and adore Lisa 😀

Jessica D. “Help me take 1 step at a time to improve our finances.”

Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms -7

It was so nice getting the monthly Money Fit Moms’ newsletter to help me take 1 step at a time to improve our finances. She covers lots of topics, some that I hadn’t thought of as “financial” until she explained their importance.

Definitely recommend!

Valerie C. “Optimize our family finances”

Financial Coach - @MoneyFitMoms -

Lisa kindly answers my complicated finance questions. She is smart and really takes the time to understand my needs. She has helped me build a new career as well as optimize our family finances. I highly recommend Lisa to all my friends and their kids.

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Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms