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Lisa is an Everyday Millionaire, a mom of three boys, a mental health advocate, a lover of concerts, and all things outdoors. 

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Welcome–I’m excited you’re here! My name is Lisa Schader. I am a Financial Coach and a MAcc (Master of Accountancy). I’ve been hooked on money management ever since my husband and I took a personal finance class together in graduate school.

My husband and I had a goal to pay off student loan debt as soon as possible so we could start investing as much as possible. During and after college, we worked extra jobs and lived lean–we even slept on an air mattress for an entire summer (I regret that one–we’re making our chiropractor rich now). Improving your financial situation is 20% knowledge and 80% determination, but that little bit of knowledge is essential.

We learned the essential lesson of wealth creation: living lean and budgeting are NOT enough. We needed to pack money away in retirement and investment accounts and make strategic career decisions–which we did–and it paid off! The day we realized we were on track for early retirement was an amazing day.

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Everyday Millionaire at Age 32

If you want to check out more about how we became Everyday Millionaires, check out my interview with Andy from the Marriage, Kids, and Money Podcast.

Financial Mom, Save money, investing, money blog, #momlife

My greatest life ambition is to ease suffering and help others live a great life. I was ready to throw my accounting degree out the window and become a therapist. As I investigated a career in psychology, I realized many mental struggles come from stress which is all-too-often centered on money. I realized my background in accounting/tax and my passion for personal finance perfectly set me up to ease suffering. I’m here to help you get your finances in shape so you can worry less and live better.

Not Confident About Your Finances?

Maybe you feel bad about where you stand financially, Maybe you’re unsure where you stand–you’re not confident about retirement, asset protection, etc. Maybe you regret past financial mistakes. I get it–I’ve been thereDon’t stressabout where your finances have been. Think about where they could be. I love this quote from Maya Angelou:

Do the best you can until you know better. 

Then when you know better, do better.

Or Just Want To Learn More?

I worked for a “Big Four” accounting firm until I left to care for my three sons. As I started to explore the web for personal finance content aimed at stay-at-home moms, I was alarmed to see more about couponing than the critical financial moves that actually create long-term wealth. I decided to take the intimidation factor out of personal finance–everything from the basics like budgeting and paying off debt to the more advanced topics, like setting up 529 college savings plans and a family trust. Let’s get-er-done.

More About Me

  • Mom of Boys – Most of my time is spent trying to keep these tiny humans alive, but Money Fit Moms is my other baby (thank goodness I didn’t have to give birth to it–my last two boys were sunny-side-up 9-pounders, so . . . we’re done).
  • Music and dancing – I love it all–especially musical theater and concerts. Some people think budgeting is all about spending as little money as possible. I disagree. After you’re out of debt, it’s about setting your priorities. I spend little on clothes/jewelry because I don’t care! But concerts? Yes, I will save up for those. I also love a good dance party. If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey, you’ve heard his listeners do a debt-free scream. Here at Money Fit Moms, we celebrate accomplishing our #MoneyFitMoves by having a dance party.
Seeing Les Mis
 My husband and I seeing Les Mis in San Francisco

Mental Health Advocate – I struggled with severe postpartum anxiety and insomnia–the scary kind. Self-care is important and, for many of us, health professionals are part of the equation–no stigma needed. I’ve been healthy for years now, but I still see a doctor and therapist regularly to ensure I stay that way. If we do not take the time to be well, we will most certainly end up taking the time to be ill. Besides regular check-ups, my recipe for sanity = sleep + meditation + nature + friends + family + dance parties

Meditation, Insight Timer, Mental Health
 Preparing to meditate. I’d love to post a photo of me in a lotus position in front of a sunset, but my guided meditations are usually done with this goofy headband/headphones while my little guy naps. #keepingitreal

Outdoors-y – I love camping, hiking, cycling, traveling and exploring this beautiful planet we live on.

MS Bike ride at the Utah border, Best Dam Bike Ride
 On the Best Dam Bike Ride (100 miles) raising money to fight MS

Adventurous with a Bucket-List – I love setting goals and treating every day like a gift. My greatest hope is to spend quality time with my family and friends and help others, but I also want to seize the day and enjoy this beautiful life. Want a peek at my bucket list?Financial Mom, Save money, investing, money blog, #momlife, bucket list, San Francisco bridge, Kirby cove, tree swing

Thanks for joining me here at Money Fit Moms!  💗 Lisa

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