Is Frugal Living Worth It? Answering the Age-Old Question

If you are struggling while trying to meet your financial goals and feel stuck, getting familiar with Frugal Living might be your key to success. But is it worth it? I hear that a lot and took a moment to do a deep dive to answer the ever sought-after question, is frugal living worth it?

The short answer, YES, and I will dive into that in a second.

Keep reading for my 6 core reasons why frugal living IS worth it!

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Why is Frugal Living Worth It?

Frugal living is worth it for a variety of reasons. I have tried and tested out the lifestyle for a span of over 10 years at this point and as someone who has tried everything, I can assure you, it is THE way to finally figure out your finances for good. 

Here are my core reasons why frugal living is worth it:

Financial Independence

Frugal living paves the way for financial independence (when you live off of your investments alone — making work income optional). The price of your Financial Independence is a function of your annual expenses (how to calculate your Financial Freedom Number). The lower your annual expenses, the sooner you can achieve financial independence, allowing your total time freedom.

Mindful Spending

Frugality isn’t just about cutting expenses; it’s about aligning our spending with our values through practices like value-based budgeting. This approach involves identifying our core values and priorities, and then creating our budget accordingly by consciously directing our money toward the things that truly matter to us—whether it’s experiences, education, health, or supporting causes—we ensure that every dollar spent contributes to our overall well-being and fulfillment. Value-based budgeting empowers us to make informed financial decisions that reflect our aspirations and aspirations, ultimately leading to a more meaningful and purposeful life. My Money Fit Tracker includes a budget (with suggested percentages), but also a list of values to help you thoughtfully set your top-3 spending priorities.

Reduced Stress

Living within our means reduces financial stress, promoting peace of mind and overall well-being. The great part about creating your Million Dollar Plan (FREE) is it allows you to easily automate your long-term investing, increasing your financial confidence and reducing stress.

Environmental Impact

Frugal living often involves reducing waste and consumption, benefiting the environment and future generations. When I was a young mom, I shopped at places like Goodwill and Facebook Marketplace to find second-hand items. This not only saved me a lot of money, it kept these items out of landfills. I love teaching my kids the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

Building Resilience and Preparedness

Frugal habits help build resilience, preparing us to navigate economic uncertainties and unexpected expenses. Living frugally allowed us to build a 3-6 month emergency fund, which has saved us from some unfortunate financial situations (more than once!).

Fostering Contentment and Creativity

Frugal living encourages finding joy in non-materialistic aspects of life, fostering a deeper sense of contentment and fulfillment. Sometimes we fall into expensive habits (e.g. going out to eat with friends all the time). When we consciously think about what need we are trying to fulfill (social connection) and infuse the creativity of frugal living, we can come up with even better solutions. I found myself in this exact situation, so I created two monthly social groups: a book club and a hiking group. I was able to get that social connection, saved a lot, and (bonus) improved my health as well.