How to make a BALLOON ARCH (EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial) 🎈🌈

A DIY BALLOON ARCH is a great decoration for birthday parties, graduations, baby showers. Once you learn how to make one, you’ll find it elevates the fun at any event. An arch works great for the snacks table decor or a photo booth op. Here is how to make a balloon arch in 5 EASY STEPS.

🌈 Easy DIY Balloon Arch Tutorial 🎈

How long does it take to make a balloon arch?

By far, the most time-consuming part of making a balloon arch is blowing up 80+ balloons and tying them together. You can make a small balloon arch by yourself in 2-3 hours. If you have help blowing up balloons and tying them together, you could make it much faster.


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Supplies: How to Make a Balloon Arch Kit

To make the balloon arch pictured, I used the following supplies (Link to this DIY balloon arch kit of supplies)

how to make a balloon arch- Rainbow Balloon Arch Kit

  • 1. Balloons

    • What size Balloons should you use for a Balloon Arch?

– The size of balloons you should buy depends on the desired size of your arch.

    • Β 

      I used 5″ balloons for the arch pictured in this blog post.

how to make a balloon arch- how to make a rainbow ballon arch-21
I usedΒ these 5″ Balloons for this rainbow balloon arch.
    • (Note: In addition to the 5″ balloons, I also used 8 full-size balloons to make the bigger base balloons on the ends of the arch.
      • These also helped serve as a stabilizing baseΒ so the arch could stand on its own.

white balloon arch

    • Amount of balloons to use for an arch:

      • Depends on the size. The arch pictured above used 80 5″ balloons and 8 larger, 12″ white balloons.
        • Uses 20 rings of 4 balloons (8 ballons of each color)
      • If you’re creating a larger arch with standard 12″ balloons, you’ll need more balloons.
  • 2. Wire (for an arch made with 5″ balloons) or Frame (for full-size balloons)

– The tension of the balloons will help hold the arch together, but a wire will add some structure.

    • For a smaller arch made with 5-inch balloons that can stand on its own (like this one I made pictured below), I use some 18 gauge (1mm) artistic copper wire. My arch used about 7 feet of wire. I’ve used and re-used this wire for multiple balloon arches over the years.

wire for ballon arch

  • For a larger arch make with full-size balloons, you’ll want a larger ballon arch kit that includes a frame made out of a material similar to a tent frame.

Frame for balloon arch

  • If you’ll been leaning your balloon arch against a wall for support, a simple fishing line will work.

The tension of the string will hold the balloons together.

  • 3. Balloon Pump (optional)

A balloon pump is optional, but it does speed things along.

balloon pump
Available from Amazon


Step 1: Blow up balloons in groups of 4 (these will form your balloon arch “rings”)

IMPORTANT: TRY TO BLOW UP YOUR BALLOONS TO A SIMILAR SIZE. This will make creating your balloon arch easier.

how to make a balloon arch - how to make a DIY rainbow ballon arch-6

How many balloons do you need for a balloon arch?

A smaller balloon arch made with 5″ balloons will use ~80 balloons (20 “rings” made with 4 balloons).

A larger balloon arch made with standard 12″ balloons will use ~128 balloons (32 balloon rings made of 4 balloons each).

how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch-2 how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch

Step 2: Tie balloons together in “couples” of 2.

how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch-1

Step 3: Twist 2 balloon “couples” together to make a balloon quad.

I twist the balloons couples together ~3 times to form this quad. These quads will be your rainbow “rings” for your balloon arch.

how to make a rainbow ballon arch-5

how to make a DIY rainbow ballon arch-6

Step 4. Secure the balloon quads to the wire to form an arch

Starting with the larger white balloon quad, TWIST one balloon from each quad onto the wire, then SLIDE into place.

Alternate directions so the next “balloon ring quad” fits snugly against the previous balloon quad.

Keep the balloons tight to form a tension that will hold your arch together.

How many rings of each color you use is up to you. This balloon arch uses 2 “rings” of 4 balloons for each color, or 8 balloons total per color.

I used 10 different colors, for 80 balloons total.

If you have fewer colors, you’ll want to use more rings per color. Overall, this arch made from 5″ balloons has 20 quad rings + 2 rings of larger 12″ balloons for the base.

Larger arches made with 12″ balloons have 32 rings for a total of 128 balloons.

how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch-7
I used 1 ring of larger 12″ white balloons on each end to form a solid base so the rainbow balloon arch could stand on its own.
how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch-7
Alternate directions so each ring of 4 balloons can rest closely next to the previous ring.
how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch-7
After the white clouds, I used a standard rainbow pattern: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

how to make a rainbow ballon arch-14

how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch-7

how to make a balloon arch - how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch-7
To end the rainbow balloon arch, I did one white ring of 5″ balloons followed by a ring of 12″ white balloons to form a more stable base so this balloon arch could stand by itself.

Step 5: If needed, tighten the balloon rings closer to each other or adjust the wire to make the ballon arch even and stable.

how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch

Step 6 (Optional): For extra sparkle or light, add a string of lights to your rainbow balloon arch.

This was a last-minute impulse for me, but I love how it turned out! This would be especially fun for an evening event.

how to make a rainbow balloon arch-22

how to make a diy rainbow ballon arch

Balloon Arch Kit

Rainbow Balloon Arch Kit

Good luck with your DIY Balloon Arch! Find inspiration for more DIY Projects and Crafts here.

A popular one is this DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Tree.

DIY Valentine's Day Decorations - Crafts for Kids


Rainbow Party Treats and Party Favors

Since this particular arch was a rainbow, read on for more rainbow party ideas (party favors and treats). Whatever the occasion for your rainbow balloon arch, scroll on for ideas for your rainbow party treats and party favors.

Rainbow Unicorn Party Favor Ideas

Rainbow Party Favor Treats or St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hunt Treats

These bags of rainbow licorice and chocolate rolos made the perfect rainbow party favor or prize for a Leprechaun Hunt!

St patricks day rainbow treats
I used these rainbow treats for the end of a leprechaun hunt. The kids loved them!

how to make a Rainbow balloon arch

Supplies needed for Rainbow Treat party Favors:

  • Clear treats bags
  • Rainbow Licorice
  • Rolos
  • Festive ribbon to tie bows

Here is an Amazon list of all the items I used to make these treats.

St patricks day rainbow treats

These rainbow treats were the end of a St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun hunt for a group of toddlers.

Rainbow Party Favors

Here is a roundup of the best rainbow party favors I’ve found:

Rainbow Paper Gift Bags

Rainbow Paper Gift Bags
Adore these rainbow paper gift bags.

Stackable Rainbow 8 Color Crayons

My kids can’t get enough of stackable pens or crayons. These would make an adorable party favor.

Rainbow Sunglasses

rainbow party favors rainbow sunglasses
These rainbow sunglasses make a great party favor for any rainbow-themed party

Colorful Ring Pops

No matter your age, ring pops are a timeless party favor.

Rainbow Scrunchies

I can’t get enough of these cute rainbow scrunchies! It does my heart so much good to know scrunchies are back in style. So much nostalgia!

Rainbow Scrunchie Party Favor

how to make a Rainbow balloon arch
This is the first rainbow arch I made back in 2014 or so. The reason for my rainbow obsession: My St. Patrick’s Day Baby aka my little leprechaun good luck charm.
For many years, I got away with throwing my son a St. Patrick’s Day party on his birthday until he grew up and started preferring themes like “Rock Party”

How to Make a Balloon Arch -

Good luck with your rainbow arch and all your party fun!

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