My Bucket List

I love life! My greatest hope is to make the world a better place, spend quality time with my family and friends, and enjoy this beautiful time on Earth.

Kirby Cove Rope Swing

My bucket list is constantly changing. Who knows how long I’ll have and health and time, so I’m doing my best to tick them off one by one and enjoy the journey along the way.

[ ] Take ballroom dance lessons

[ ] See the Cotswold in England

[ ] Skydive

[ ] Hold a baby otter in Miami

[ ] Bike Monterey/Carmel with my husband

[ ] Learn the dance for OK Go – A Million Ways

[ ] Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

[ ] Hike Maccu Pichu

[ ] RV in New Zealand

[ ] Visit Iceland

[ ] Thailand: temples and massages


[x] Attend a movie premiere

orlando bloom London movie premier
Me as a fangirl-ing college sophomore at the London premiere of the second Pirates of Caribbean movie.

[x] Parasail in Mexico

[x] Drive a surrey bike 

Family surrey ride on the beautiful Coronado Island off of San Diego

[x] Use a bidet–So weird, I know. I don’t even know how/why this was on my bucket list.

Different than I thought it would–better. Go ahead and add this to your bucket list.

[x] See Hamilton

Hamilton San Francisco
So awesome–I’m ready to go again

[X ] Be in a musical performance

I’m going to count this killer Karaoke performance.

[X] Take surfing lessons

That’s my bucket list for now! What’s on yours?