My Favorite Things: Save Time and Money with the Best Hair Products

True confession: I HATE doing my hair, but I swear I’m happier and more productive on good hair days.

Enter my lifelong pursuit of the most time- and cost-effective ways to tame my mane!

These are all products I’ve been using and loving for years (minus the uber-cheap Finishing Stick which I found a few months ago and instantly fell head over heels for).

#1 CHEAP: Hair Feel Finishing Stick

Guys. This product is the reason why I wrote this post. Every time I use my hair stick to quickly and immediately tame the flyaways, I think, “The world needs to know about this!”

IT. IS. A-MAZ-ING. And it’s so cheap!  I’m generally so skeptical of products like this, but I couldn’t resist trying it. And now I use it every single time I put my messy locks in a ponytail or bun and–quite frankly–for any other style.smooth away hair flyaways

How it works: Imagine clear mascara. You’re running out the door on a busy morning where you toss your tresses into a bun. Grab your finishing stick, make a few swipes at those inevitable flyaways and it instantly transforms that bun into looking professional and stylish.

IT TAMES FLY-AWAYS! Finally! For real!

I love it so much, I feel like I should offer some sort of guarantee. Amazon allows free returns but seriously–if you live near me, I will personally buy it off of you because I don’t foresee a time when I will be able to live without this product.

Smooth Away Hair Flyaways

#2 CHEAP: Wet Brush Hair Brush Detangler

I feel like everyone already uses this, but in case you missed the memo–It’s the best for gently detangling (45% less breakage).

Wet Brush Hair Detangler

#3 HUGE TIME-SAVER: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

One day, my sweet friend Eryka gave me the scoop on this award-winning hair tool that had changed her life. She heard about it from her friend and so on. So I’m passing it forward. You’re welcome.

If you love the look of a blow-out but lack the time, patience, and/or coordination, this is for you. I use it when my hair is mostly dry to save time.

If I washed the previous day, the next morning, I spray a bit of leave-in conditioner and then use my Revlon One-Step to quickly style!

Revlon One-Step--Fastest Hair Tool


If you want to see this bad boy in action, here’s a 5 min video (I skipped the part where she adds leave-in conditioner and brushes her hair).

This vlogger uses a lot more sections than I do (even though my hair is thicker). Does she look better for it? Probably. I guess I’m just saying–there’s a lazy man’s version to using this tool (my personal preference most days).

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

#4 TIME-SAVER: Wash hair less often – Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner

I’m in the camp where I wash (and therefore style) my hair less often with a QUALITY SHAMPOO and use dry shampoo in between.

I switched to Pureology about five years ago (recommended by both my hairdresser and Merrick’s Art). Every time I try to use cheap shampoo (that I think ends up costing more in the long run), my hair gets heavier and yet drier aka hard to manage.


I buy the big bottles that are cheaper per ounce. The 33.8 oz. shampoo lasts me a WHOLE YEAR. And the 33.8 oz. conditioner lasts me longer than a year.

If you’re not sold on Pureology yet, feel free to start with the smaller bottles. But once you’re sold, buy the larger bottles to save.

Best Shampoo for Hair -- Pureology            Best Conditioner for Hair -- Pureology

#5 FREE: Find/Follow A Favorite Hair Instagrammer

Find one Instagrammer with a hair type similar to your own. It’s a (free) way to focus your efforts and learn how to tame your mane.

Google to the rescue!

Search Term: “Instagram account for” + {short/medium/long} +  {Texture}”

e.g. “Instagram account for long wavy hair”

My favorite hair goddess for long, wavy hair is the gorgeous Dutch Sarah Angius.

Enjoy Quicker and Cheaper Good Hair Days

Those are my best tips for saving time and money on gorgeous locks. Best of luck! Share your thoughts, results, or your personal favorite products in the Money Fit Moms Community.

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