How to LAUGH about Distance Learning – BINGO (Hilarious!)

Once you see this printable Distance Learning Bingo card, you’ll realize your online school disasters actually mean you’re WINNING! Seriously though, parents, teachers, and students alike are all struggling to make the best of distance learning and I wanted to inject some humor into the situation so you realize you are not alone!

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Hilarious Distance Learning Disasters

I shared my own online learning disaster (my son brought his WebEx feed with him to the bathroom) and one of my friends suggested it being a square on Distance Learning BINGO and the idea snowballed from there. Friends and readers shared their own online learning disasters–turns out there are a LOT of them! I narrowed it down to 25 and created this Distance Learning BINGO card.

This was my face after running into the bathroom to take my son’s Chromebook off of his lap (while he was ON THE TOILET). I heard his teacher telling him it would be more appropriate if he took a break or turned off his camera when he goes to the bathroom.

Distance Learning Humor - Distance Learning BINGO - Money Fit Moms
Our teachers are AMAZING. And yet distance learning is slowly killing me.

Hilarious distance learning bingo drinking game

Distance Learning Disasters–From Parents:

  1. My son live-streamed his entire trip to the bathroom.
  2. I was sure my son was muted when I told him we needed to get our f–ing sh– together. Turns out . . . he wasn’t muted.
  3. My kid put me on camera . . . while I was breastfeeding.
  4. I couldn’t figure out when my son’s WebEx was constantly buffering. Turns out he was running hours of YouTube videos about trains in the background and watching them every time I left the room.
  5. While troubleshooting tech issues, my toddler covered the entire kitchen with flour.
  6. I walked into the kitchen to find my son using Alexa to take his math quiz.
  7. I have to set 10+ alarms on my phone to help my little kids manage their schedules.
  8. My kid brought me their device to your for help . . . while I was on the toilet
  9. The Internet went out after 30 minutes . . . No more school!
  10. A sibling punching match broke out on camera
  11. Kids on the call are constantly screaming, “MOM! CAN YOU HELP ME???”
  12. The kids in my son’s kindergarten class are constantly making silly faces on camera.
  13. My son figured out to change the background to a photo of himself “listening.”
  14. My kid was using the desk chair to do headstands.
  15. We spend the first half of class troubleshooting tech issues.
  16. Whenever one kid in my son’s class asks to use the bathroom, it sets off a classwide potty train.
  17. My youngest son joined his older sister’s WebEx class . . . while picking his nose.

Hilarious distance learning bingo drinking game

Distance Learning Disasters–From Teachers:

  1. I have to remind the kids to mute themselves. Every 5 minutes.
  2. I finally had to tell my students that if they could only stand up on camera if they were actually wearing pants.
  3. Whenever it was time to do actual work, one student would tell me his computer wasn’t working. I asked if he could hear me and he said, “Nope!”
  4. Students sitting on the floor with their device wearing a skirt. Luckily, they were wearing underwear!
  5. A student was on camera eating from a gallon of ice cream.
  6. During my teaching partner’s lesson, a student fell asleep on camera so I called their parent to ask them to turn off their video.
  7. My mic stopped working completely for the first hour of class.
  8. My student was using the chat feature to tell me I was boring. All class long.

Distance Learning BINGO Cards – Printable

I compiled all the stories above into a Distance Learning BINGO of disasters. Here’s a few different versions of the Printable Distance Learning Bingo card in case you actually want to print it or just have some comedic relief to make you realize you are not alone!

Distance Learning Bingo Drinking Game

Printable Distance Learning Bingo _ Drinking Game copy (1)

Printable Distance Learning Bingo _ Drinking Game copy (1)

I hope you got a crack out of these Distance Learning Bingo cards!

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