Tracking the spread of Coronavirus – US and Worldwide Data Chart

Coronavirus seemed to have turned the world upside-down. I’ve been reading and listening to so much news about the virus, I started to go cross-eyed. I wanted to see some raw data.

Give me all the data!

My friend from Domo shared this great chart that breaks down the raw worldwide data of the confirmed cases on Coronavirus (COVID-19) from WHO, CDC, and John Hopkins University.

This Coronavirus chart is a helpful visual to see how the virus is spreading and resolving, especially if you have loved ones abroad or are considering whether to travel or not.

Compare to worldwide popuation

Obviously only a portion of the existing cases will have been tested and reported, but if you’re like me and are suddenly wondering what the worldwide population is:

World Population (as of 3/13/2020) 7,770,631,490

I like this Coronavirus chart because not only does it show those infected, but it also shows those that have recovered. Keeps me hopeful.

Stay safe and healthy, please!

Worldwide and US Data on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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