Financial Coaching

Anonymous “Incredibly trustworthy and sensitive”

Working with Lisa is empowering. She is always focused on personalizing her counsel and support and was incredibly responsive to my needs. [. . .] Lisa is incredibly trustworthy and sensitive while ensuring that what she shares is well-researched, knowledgeable, and tested information. I’m grateful to have Lisa and her expertise in my corner, helping me accomplish my goals and become empowered by finances

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Anonymous “totally non-judgmental and meets me where I’m at”

Through meeting with Lisa, she helped me gain confidence and really empowered me to manage my money better, so that I can plan better for my future and do more good with my money. I’ve really appreciated that she’s totally non-judgmental and meets me where I’m at with my financial competency and goals. [. . .] She also opened up my eyes to net worth and what my

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