Susan W. “I felt heard, seen, and understood.”

Overall Lisa helped me connect my internal motivation with the right tools to complete my biggest goals.

Lisa was so understanding of the emotional issues that were holding me back from achieving my financial goals.

In our introductory coaching session, she was able to concisely address the core hang-ups I had around finances and money management.
I felt heard, seen, and understood. Most importantly, I felt empowered. For the first time ever, I felt that financial independence was genuinely achievable! 
Armed with clarification and tools, I felt confident I could actually achieve my current goal – get out of debt. Since our FIRST coaching session a few months ago, I have been able to pay off three credit cards in full! 
Working with Lisa and following her on social media has been incredibly empowering. I recommend her to all my friends who want to better understand and manage their finances.