DIY Dollar Store Laundry Folder: Make Folding Fun and Easy!

This DIY Dollar Store Laundry folder is so easy! And let’s face it, laundry can be a never-ending chore, especially when it comes to folding clothes neatly. But fret not, because I have a super affordable and fun solution for you: a DIY Laundry Folder! With just a quick trip to the dollar store and a little creativity, you’ll be folding laundry like a pro in no time. Plus, this project is perfect for getting your kids excited and involved in the process. Trust me, even my 5-year-old had a blast with this project and learned how to fold laundry like a champ!

Note: You can also purchase a Laundry Folder from Amazon, but I found that creating one got my child more invested in the process.

Supplies needed

  • (6) Small cutting boards
  • Duct tape

CREATING Your DIY Dollar Store Laundry Folder

Step 1: Apply Duct Tape to one side as pictured below

Step 2: Next, flip over to the other side

Step 3: Lastly fold in half and secure duct tape to other side to secure folding joints (pictured below)

Alternative Option: Ready-Made Boards for the Busy Bees: Laundry Folder from Amazo

Finally, laundry folding doesn’t have to be a dreaded task anymore, my friends! Thanks to your laundry folder, you’ll breeze through that laundry pile in no time. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get your kids involved and excited about helping out around the house. Who knew laundry folding could be so much fun? So gather your supplies from the dollar store, unleash your creativity, and embark on this budget-friendly project with your family. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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