DIY Dollar Store Laundry Folder: Make Folding Fun and Easy!

This DIY Dollar Store Laundry folder is so easy! And let’s face it, laundry can be a never-ending chore, especially when it comes to folding clothes neatly. But fret not, because I have a super affordable and fun solution for you: a DIY Laundry Folder! With just a quick trip to the dollar store and a little creativity, you’ll be folding laundry like a pro in no time. Plus, this project is perfect for getting your kids excited and involved in the process. Trust me, even my 5-year-old had a blast with this project and learned how to fold laundry like a champ!

Note: You can also purchase a Laundry Folder from Amazon, but I found that creating one got my child more invested in the process.

Supplies needed

  • (6) Small cutting boards
  • Duct tape

CREATING Your DIY Dollar Store Laundry Folder

Step 1: Apply Duct Tape to one side as pictured below

Step 2: Next, flip over to the other side

Step 3: Lastly fold in half and secure duct tape to other side to secure folding joints (pictured below)

Alternative Option: Ready-Made Boards for the Busy Bees: Laundry Folder from Amazo