Money Fit Challenge

Money Fit Challenge - @MoneyFitMoms -6

Martha C. “Digestible steps to help me feel in control”

The Money Fit Moms Challenge was just what I needed. We recently bought our first house, and I was feeling overwhelmed with all the adulting. The challenge was digestible steps to help me feel in control of pretty much every aspect of my finances. Plus it was FREE!

Amber V. “There is always something new to learn here”

No matter what your level of financial knowledge, there is always something new to learn here at Money Fit Moms. The monthly challenges have been great to work through as a non-threatening or non-confrontational way to discuss finances, which can be a touchy subject. I enjoy this group very much and adore Lisa

Financial Coach - @MoneyFitMoms -

Valerie C. “Optimize our family finances”

Lisa kindly answers my complicated finance questions. She is smart and really takes the time to understand my needs. She has helped me build a new career as well as optimize our family finances. I highly recommend Lisa to all my friends and their kids.

Jessica H. “Progress to financial freedom.”

I love following Money Fit Moms. Lisa is super informative and always has great advice. I love learning about finances and this has been a great resource to continue to make improvements. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of more challenges in the new year to progress to financial freedom.