2023 May-June LIVE Q&A Calls

Welcome to the 2023 May-June Group Coaching experience!

The objective of this experience is to provide support and answer any questions you have to guide you through the course.

Ideally, you’ll complete one lesson per week so you can arrive at the call with questions, so go ahead and get started on Lesson 1!

Each lesson has ~1 hour worth of videos and a homework assignment.

I realize life gets busy and it might be a sprint to the finish, which is why I scheduled two calls for Week 5, (to be a catch-all for any missed questions or assignments)!

I’ll be sending the Zoom Link Invites to you by end-of-day May 12th, 2023.

Until then, mark your calendar for a 1-hour call starting at 5pm PT / 8pm ET on these dates:

  • LESSON 1 Q&A: Thursday, May 18th
  • LESSON 2 Q&A: Monday, May 22nd
  • LESSON 3 Q&A: Thursday, June 1st
  • LESSON 4 Q&A: Monday, June 5th
  • LESSON 5 + MISC. Q&A: Monday, June 12th + Thursday, June 15th
  • 50% of my IG Followers said Monday was better, 50% said Thursday, so I split the days so everyone could make it to at least three sessions.
  • You’re welcome to ask questions about ANY lesson at ANY Q&A session. I’m labeling each week with a lesson in case you want the motivation to finish the course in 5-weeks.


Let me know if you have any questions!